Swim Safety And The Benefits of Swimming Lessons In Eau Claire

A young toddler girl stands with mom in a studio holding her hands in a green shirt before some Swimming Lessons Eau Claire

Swim lessons teach kids important skills they need to know to prepare for a lifetime of water safety and enjoyment. Apart from recreation and fun, knowing how to swim is an important skill for kids to have, and swim lessons can start from a very early age. From city-run swim schools to privately-owned ISR companies, there are many excellent options for swimming lessons in Eau Claire.

Give Your Little Ones The Right Start With These Swimming Lessons In Eau Claire 

City of Eau Claire 

915 Menomonie Street, Eau Claire, WI 

The City of Eau Claire offers swim lessons to improve a child’s current level of strength, endurance, and swimming technique. Kids of all ages can learn safety in and around water at City of Eau Claire swim lessons. The goal is for kids to gain a lifetime appreciation for water and develop better safety when it comes to bodies of water. In the early stages, kids learn to swim up to 5 yards, float on their back, practice beginner arm and leg movements for swim strokes, safely participate in swim activities, and learn how to respond to emergencies and call for help.

Older kids learn to independently float, glide, and travel 3 body lengths, do various skills for longer periods of time, continue to practice aquatic safety, and learn to recognize and respond to emergencies in the water. Skills are taught by experienced instructors who assist kids as they practice new movements and techniques in the water. All programs are taught by American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors. 

A mother in a brown sweater lifts and plays with her toddler daughter while sitting on a bench in a studio

Swim Lessons | YMCA of the Chippewa Valley

700 Graham Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54701

The YMCA of Chippewa Valley offers excellent swim programs for kids (and adults) of all ages and abilities. Parent and child swim lessons help kids build basic water skills at young ages. This class is designed for children ages 6 months through 3 years old so they can become comfortable in the water and be receptive to learning how to swim. Basic skills for young kids include adjusting to the water, being comfortable floating, and demonstrating breath control (blowing bubbles, submerging their face in the water, etc). Swim lessons for preschoolers give young children a positive, developmentally appropriate learning experience by emphasizing water safety, survival skills, and foundational swim techniques. 

The YMCA also offers private swim lessons, which happen at a 1:1 ratio in 30-minute lessons. Lessons are available for all levels (age 3 through adult), and participants work on swim skills appropriate to their abilities and goals. The YMCA uses the Red Cross Swim Lesson Curriculum, a core group of aquatic skills every person needs to have to be safe around the water. The program builds upon skills and celebrates successes, building self-confidence and an enjoyment of swimming. 

A toddler girl smiles on mom's shoulder while mom stands in a studio window in a sweater before some Swimming Lessons Eau Claire

Little Turtles ISR Swim School

Serving the Eau Claire region 

Little Turtles ISR Swim School is run by Karli Ertmer. Her own children went through the ISR program with success after having a negative experience with traditional swim schools. As a certified ISR instructor, Karli strives to make ISR more available to communities in the Eau Claire region. ISR achieves great results through its customized, safe, effective one-on-one lessons with only one child in the water.

ISR is unique from traditional swim lessons. It fully customizes to each child’s abilities and their family’s goals. It emphasizes confidence, competence, and foundational skills for swimming and water safety. What each child learns at Little Turtles ISR depends on their age and developmental abilities. In most cases, a child can learn to roll onto their back to float, rest, and breathe in an emergency. This is a foundational swim skill that will allow the child to remain calm and safe until help arrives. For locations and pricing, see Karli’s website to request more information. 

Your Little Ones Will Love These Great Swimming Lessons In Eau Claire!

From private lessons to traditional group classes to ISR instruction done right at your home, there are many great options for swimming lessons in Eau Claire. Knowing how to swim is a foundation skill for kids and adults. It sets them up for a lifetime of water safety and enjoyment. Learning about how to be safe in and around bodies of water is an important skill for everyone to learn. 

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