Exploring Montessori Schools in Eau Claire: All You Need to Know

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Many parents choose to send their children to Montessori-based schools, where independent learning, mixed age groups, nature appreciation, and learning through play are all valued. Montessori schools teach children independence and confidence as they interact with mixed-age groups of their peers. These three Montessori schools in Eau Claire offer excellent educational opportunities to children in the area. 

Give Your Little Ones Independence and Confidence With These Great Montessori Schools In Eau Claire


400 Cameron Street, Eau Claire, WI 54703

ECASD is a Montessori school in Eau Claire that strives to provide an innovative learning environment to children in the community, where education promotes their social, intellectual, and emotional development. This school is founded on the principles of Maria Montessori, who wanted to nurture and inspire children all around the world through her dynamic take on childcare and education. This Chippewa Valley school stands out from the rest, even as Montessori becomes a fast-growing education method across the country. 

At this school, kids work at their own pace – sometimes alone and sometimes in groups. They can pursue their passions and take time to engage in activities that interest them. Teachers at ECASD help kids develop concentration, discipline, and self-esteem. All Montessori materials engage the senses, are sequential, and are self-correcting.

Students who attend ECASD work on practical life skills, math, language arts, music, art, culture, geography, science, and the natural world. Classrooms include pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, grades 1-3, and grades 4-5. Family-like groupings help encourage experienced children to share their knowledge and skills with less experienced kids. 

A young brother and sister sit together on a lakeside park bench in fall holding hands after attending Montessori School Eau Claire

Children’s House Montessori School 

415 E Lake St, Eau Claire, WI 54701

Children’s House Montessori School gives all children the opportunity to develop their unique potential as humans, with lots of space to explore, experience, and discover the world around them. This school embodies a loving, secure, supportive environment where kids can feel confident and safe. 

The staff at CHMS believe that every child is motivated by a natural curiosity and love of learning. The goal is to foster every child’s desire for knowledge through the Montessori method of learning, which focuses on independence, confidence, and self-discipline. Teachers assist kids by observing them as they show their unique personalities and interests. All teachers have a 4 year Bachelor’s degree or Associate’s degree in early childhood development. 

Seven siblings sit together on a park bench in a park in fall after attending Montessori School Eau Claire

St. Edward’s Montessori School

1129 Bellevue Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54701

St. Edward’s Montessori School serves children ages 2.5 through 6 years old in Eau Claire’s historic St. Edward’s Chapel. This new school focuses on certain parts of the Montessori teaching philosophy, including a prepared environment, freedom, hands-on materials, learning through experiences, social development, multi-age classrooms, and nature. Everything is at the child’s level, carefully selected, and designed for kids to be able to work independently. Children have the freedom to choose their activities and work within limits in a setting where they understand the rules. Hands-on materials allow kids to gradually progress as they work through materials. In terms of social development, community awareness is a big part of the curriculum.

The multi-age classroom is a unique aspect of many Montessori schools. The school consists of mixed ages, which reflects the diverse environment most kids grow up in and experience in their community. Younger kids can learn from their older, more experienced peers, and the older children can solidify their learning as they share with the younger children. Kids learn to adjust to different abilities and interests, practice conflict resolution, and enjoy being with their peers. The Montessori method also focuses on nature and a child’s understanding and appreciation of the natural world around them. Natural science and outdoor education are important aspects of the curriculum at St. Edward’s Children’s House. The school is located on a beautiful, wooded 1-acre property that features gardens and enclosed spaces where kids can enjoy outdoor play, explore nature, and investigate and reflect. 

Your Kiddos Will Love These 3 Wonderful Montessori Schools In Eau Claire

Montessori education is something many families value due to its emphasis on appreciation of nature, fostering independence, mixed age groups, play-based learning, and freedom to choose activities based on each child’s unique interests. These three Montessori schools in Eau Claire are places where children can grow and thrive, as their natural desire to learn is supported by excellent teachers who guide them as they pursue their interests. 

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