3D Ultrasound in Eau Claire, WI: Peek At Your Baby With EloRose

A mother to be in a green maternity gown stands on a snowy hill holding her bump after getting a 3D Ultrasound Eau Claire WI

Ultrasounds offer a unique moment to see how your little one is growing and to listen to that special sound of their heartbeat. One way to make that time even better is with a 3D ultrasound in Eau Claire, WI. Advances in ultrasound technology now allow families to view a more realistic image of their baby’s facial features. At EloRose ultrasound clinic, their experienced staff can capture images and sounds of your baby’s heartbeat as they grow. 

About EloRose 3D Ultrasound in Eau Claire, WI

2004 Highland Ave, 2E, Eau Claire, WI 54701

Jillian Rogers owns and operates EloRose Diagnostic Ultrasound Clinic. She works with a group of American Registry For Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) registered technicians. Together, they offer the community of Eau Claire, WI, high-quality and low-cost ultrasounds that include 3D and 4D images. Their prices are lower than local hospitals and other clinics to provide equal healthcare to all patrons.

A mother to be holds her bump while standing in a snowy field in a green maternity gown and fur shawl at susnet


Under the guidance of Jillian, all ultrasounds are conducted by experienced and registered sonographers. To have an ultrasound completed, you must have an order from your healthcare provider. The clinic is a state-of-the-art facility in Eau Claire, WI, providing patients with routine and keepsake 3D ultrasounds. The clinic provides diagnostic imaging to include abdomen, thyroid, testicular, pelvic, pregnancy, vascular, and breasts. Their newest service is lower extremity venous ultrasound. The most common requirement for this type of ultrasound is to rule out blood clots (DVT). Keep your body healthy and functioning through routine healthcare ultrasound services. 

A mother to be rests a hand on her back in a green maternity gown while standing in the snow at sunset after a 3D Ultrasound Eau Claire WI


At EloRose, they offer same-day and next-day appointments to allow you to obtain the results of your ultrasound quickly. Most results are provided back to your primary healthcare provider in a few days. With its convenient location in Eau Claire, WI, EloRose offers keepsake 3D and 4D ultrasounds for expecting families. They use TruVue, the latest in ultrasound technology, to capture the best photos and videos of your growing baby. For your keepsake ultrasound, you may bring your family or friends to the appointment. For routine ultrasounds, only the patient will be allowed. Download their app to book appointments, complete any required healthcare forms, and manage your account. Visit the EloRose online shop for additional products, including heartbeat animals and stuffed animals that include a recording of your baby’s heartbeat inside. You can also shop for heartbeat jewelry, oil paintings of your ultrasound, and many more mementos to treasure. 

Thanks For Looking Into Getting Your Little Ones First Pictures With EloRose 3D Ultrasound in Eau Claire, WI

Take a sneak peek at your growing baby with a 3D ultrasound in Eau Claire, WI at EloRose. The clinic also has routine ultrasound services to keep you healthy. Contact the clinic for more information and how to book your appointment. 

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