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Motherhood has many phases. Whether you are preparing for pregnancy or are currently pregnant, have a newborn addition to your family, or are chasing after little feet, I know that taking care of your babies – and yourself – is critical. Finding someone to trust with your most beloved family members is daunting. There are so many practitioners out there, it can be challenging to know which doctors to trust. Even so, medicine isn’t a one-size-fits-all industry. You and your family need things that are unique to you. So why go somewhere that doesn’t individualize your care? Or someone that takes the time to specify precisely what you and your family need? It’s so much more important to be in the care of doctors who try to get to know you. That is what the providers at Oakleaf Clinics in Eau Claire strive to do.

If you are looking for a medical practice for your family’s healthcare, I recommend OakLeaf Clinics. Their multiple locations, variety of specialties, and dedication to putting their patients first make them an excellent option for ensuring your family are always healthy and at the top of their game.

About the Oakleaf Clinics in Eau Claire

OakLeaf Clinics currently has 9 locations for your convenience. A few offer specialized care, like pediatrics, OBGYN, and mental health care, but having multiple locations makes it easy to see a physician when needed. They also have over 70 independent physicians who can care for you and your loved ones, ensuring that you will find someone trusted to care for you and your babies, no matter your need. 

Medical practice at OakLeaf Clinics is rooted in a belief in creating relationships with patients. 

When you are a patient there, you won’t feel like just another body in a waiting room; their doctors, nurses, and staff take the time to get to know you and your needs to best determine how they can help. They aim to help patients learn how to take command of their health. But when you need a professional, they are here to help you assess the problem. They work with you to develop an immediate and effective action plan. 

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No matter what services you may need, OakLeaf Clinics has a variety of specialties with which they are prepared to help. Whether you need broader care like pediatrics or women’s health, or something more specific like addiction medicine, foot and ankle, or heart and lung care, they are prepared to ensure you get the quality attention you and your family deserve. They also offer a concussion clinic, nutritional services, geriatric care, sleep medicine, and hospital services.  

One of the biggest perks of being part of the OakLeaf network is their in-network laboratories, which means you aren’t traveling all over town to third-party clinics to have your blood drawn. Instead, your lab work can be conveniently conducted, and your results will be ready quickly and sent directly to your physician. Cutting out the middleman means that your lab work is one less headache. 

If you’re curious about taking more control over your health, their website offers many educational articles and blogs. Learn more about your nutrition, pediatric frequently asked questions, and essential things to know about caring for the elderly. 


OakLeaf Clinics takes the time to find a specialist to best help you with your health. Sometimes, a general practitioner just isn’t enough. They recognize that speaking to someone who is an expert is crucial to putting your mind at ease. That’s one of the perks of using a clinic with an extensive network of locations. Even though physicians are independent, they are all connected as part of the OakLeaf team. 

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Oakleaf Clinics Eau Claire

Oakleaf Clinics in Eau Claire genuinely believe in building relationships with their patients, and at the end of the day, we know it’s vital that you be treated like a person, not just a number. Their team is committed to helping you assess your health and learn how to care for yourself and your babies best. Let’s face it, getting sick happens. Bumps and bruises happen. It’s part of life, and it’s part of motherhood. But that doesn’t make it any less concerning or anxiety-inducing. Having doctors you can trust is just one way to alleviate your concerns. 

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