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Let’s face it. Entrusting someone else to care for your babies is one of the most stressful decisions you will ever make as a mom. But for many of us, it is the only option we have while working. Luckily for those who live in Eau Claire, we have a variety of quality daycare facilities to choose from. Check out a daycare in Eau Claire, WI listed below, all allowing our children to thrive, learn, and play.  

4 Daycare Eau Claire, WI Centers Dedicated to Safe & Nurturing Child Care

Beautiful Minds Child Care

Beautiful Minds Child Care is locally owned and was founded by owner Jean Baglien when she realized she wasn’t the only parent struggling to find flexible, affordable, and safe childcare for her own children. They offer childcare for children ages four weeks through 13 years, providing full-day care for smaller attendees and after-school care for older kids. Furthermore, their daily schedules emphasize learning and tackling important subjects like manners, social skills, humility, and a positive attitude – all essential foundational skills for young people to learn! 

They offer daycare in 3-days-per-week and 5-days-per-week packages to ensure flexibility for most families. Additionally, they open early and close late to accommodate most work schedules. Each week here has a different theme central to that week’s learning, covering classes of all ages! They also make a point to offer weekly local field trips to add variety to the kids’ schedules. Beautiful Minds Child Care may be the perfect fit for you if you are looking for a daycare that emphasizes learning while playing.

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From the Roots Early Learning Center

From the Roots understands the importance of early education and provides children with an environment that nurtures creativity and curiosity. Their owner, Vanessa Rassbach, founded the company after being unsatisfied with local offerings for her own two young children. Her background and years of experience in early childcare gave her the advantage of creating a safe place for young people to focus on social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development. 

They offer care for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. They also offer after-school care for older kids, and summer programming for families whose grown-ups’ schedules keep going even over summer break. This daycare in Eau Claire, WI aims to help children of all ages make new discoveries through learning, filling every day with exciting, hands-on activities. 

Days Gone By

For some families, faith plays a large part in their core values and strengths. Days Gone By provides its children with faith-based care grounded in the belief that “each child has been created by God to be a unique and special individual with a wonderful purpose.” Furthermore, their curriculum incorporates Christian songs and stories into daily interactions. These songs and stories reflect the principles of kindness, respect, honesty, acceptance, and individual value. Days Gone By holds these values at its core. However, they welcome all children and families, regardless of their religious beliefs, as long as they are comfortable in a Christian environment. 

At the heart of their mission is the goal to help each child recognize their potential and unique qualities. They also acknowledge that parents are the most important influence in children’s lives. As such, they work hard to encourage positive communication and supportive programming. They provide childcare for infants, toddlers, and school-aged children. Their daily activities focus on play and practicing meaningful social and emotional learning. 

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Kindercare is a national organization providing childcare in over 1500 locations throughout 40 states. They commit themselves to keeping their environments safe with protocols and an advisory board of pediatric emergency physicians. These qualities allow peace of mind for the extensive community of families they serve. They also know that in order to make their quality childcare accessible for more families, they need flexible hours for pick up and drop off and both full and part-time schedules.

As part of the Kindercare community, your child will experience hands-on learning in an age-appropriate classroom that encourages academic, physical and social-emotional growth. Moreover, their infant and toddler care helps their youngest attendees build social skills in an environment that fosters imagination and play. Their pre-k programming aims to help students aged 3 – 5 develop skills that will better prepare them for elementary school. They also offer after-school care for bigger kids!

Daycare Eau Claire WI

Eau Claire is a wonderful place to raise a family. Hence, we certainly aren’t short on exceptional daycares to help our little ones grow and learn. Once you identify the things that are most important to you in a daycare facility, we encourage you to visit a daycare in Eau Claire, WI listed above to find the perfect spot for your babies to thrive. 

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