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As a mom, you would do anything for your kids; that’s practically in the job description. You’re also good at playing nurse, bandaging cuts, kissing bruises, and monitoring fevers. Sometimes whatever is ailing your babies can be fixed with a hug and a little reassurance. And while you do everything you can for them within your power, sometimes you have to trust their health and well-being to the experts. Marshfield Children’s is the largest pediatric network in the heart of Wisconsin. They genuinely value parental insight since no one knows a kid better than their parent. Marshfield clinic pediatrics provides attention to detail, passion for children, and support for parents, making them a fantastic option for those in the market for a new health provider for their child. 

About Marshfield Clinic Pediatrics

One of the biggest perks of Marshfield Children’s is their abundance of locations. Whether you are looking for a clinic for a routine check-up, an urgent care for a time-sensitive issue, or a hospital, Marshfield Children’s has 34 pediatricians, eight med-peds (doctors who have pediatric and internist training combined), and 116 family medicine practitioners. They also have an incredible network of specialists who cover over 40 different areas of pediatric specialty. If you are a patient of Marshfield, you are instantly connected to all of these incredible resources. 

They have also made having your child seen by a doctor extremely convenient, with the option to schedule an in-person visit, a virtual telemedicine visit, or a nurse consultation through the Care My Way app. 

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When it comes to your child’s wellness, Marshfield makes it easy to schedule an annual visit to assess their health. Their check-up appointment helps doctors ensure your child stays healthy and strong. They also encourage preventative care with immunizations to protect your child from dangerous diseases and viruses. 

Their annual visit also covers a sports physical to ensure they can practice and play safely. Doctors can also help you with injury and accident prevention and address concerns about childhood obesity. 

In addition to their individual specialties, Marshfield also offers multi-specialty clinics for kids with special health concerns. They understand that if your child needs continuous medical care, traveling from appointment to appointment can be disruptive to your life. Marshfield’s multi-specialty clinics allow families to schedule multiple appointments, tests, and assessments into one trip.

Some of these clinics include:

  • child advocacy center (for children affected by child abuse and neglect),
  • child development center,
  • cleft lip and palate clinic,
  • cystic fibrosis clinic, and
  • diabetes clinic.

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Without a doubt, one of the most significant benefits of belonging to an extensive network of providers is that whatever care your child may need, there is an excellent chance they can be seen and treated within the Marshfield community. With over 40 pediatric specialties in-network, your kid is one step closer to getting back to feeling their best. 

Of course, you never dream that your child would need hospital care. Still, suppose they find themselves in a situation where a hospital visit is necessary. In that case, Marshfield is ready to do everything possible to provide medical attention. Not only is their medical care top-notch, but they also have programs to emotionally support patients and families through stressful occasions. Parents have 24/7 access to their children while at Marshfield Children’s Hospital to allow them to take all the time they need to care for their babies. After all, it isn’t just the doctors that can make them feel better. 

Another unique element of Marshfield’s organization is the Parent and Family Advisory Council, made of volunteer parents or caregivers. Marshfield believes that parents’ first-hand experience gives valuable insight and a vital perspective on opportunities that exist within their health system to provide even better care to the children in their community.

Some of the council’s accomplishments include:

  • providing insight for a brand-new patient-centered training program,
  • discussing preferences for scheduling options, and
  • optimizing Telehealth services.

This parent input means that the care children receive at Marshfield Children’s has been reflected upon and considered from a personal perspective. 

Marshfield Clinic Pediatrics

Marshfield Children’s is an accessible medical network of providers and specialists that makes taking care of your child’s health easy, so you can trust their expertise and take a deep breath. The Marshfield clinic pediatrics team understands that your children are precious, and with you as a parent on their team, your kid can be the best they can be and feel great doing so. 

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