Discover the Benefits of Childbirth at Oakleaf Birth Center

A mom to be in a white maternity gown sits on the floor against a bed looking down to her bump in a studio

For moms who value a more relaxed, natural approach to pregnancy and childbirth, giving birth at a birth center is an excellent alternative to a hospital birth. Oakleaf Birth Center in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is a great place to receive personalized, family-focused medical care throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. From quick checkups to amazing facilities to a convenient online patient portal, Oakleaf Birth Center has much to offer for Eau Claire families.  

About Oakleaf Birth Center

3213 Stein Blvd

Eau Claire, WI 54701

Oakleaf Birth Center in Eau Claire is a fantastic place for women’s care and care during childbirth. An entire team of experts, including nurse-midwives, OBGYNs, and other specialists, work together to provide patient-focused, comprehensive health care through life’s many stages. Doctors start by getting to know patients. They want a clear understanding of their lifestyles, and address any concerns before offering compassionate, supportive care for various health issues. The obstetricians and gynecologists see hundreds of patients each year, treating women of all ages, from pre-adolescence to post-menopause, providing exceptional care for all types of life stages and health issues, from abnormal bleeding to cancer. From pregnancy through postpartum, women are well cared for at Oakleaf Birth Center in Eau Claire. With concierge-level care provided throughout the entire pregnancy, women can rest assured that they and their babies will be well cared for. 

A mom to be sits on a bed in a studio in a green floral dress holding her bump while she looks out a window after visiting Oakleaf Birth Center


Oakleaf Clinics offers complete OBGYN services, including personalized obstetrical care, gynecological care, birthing options, infertility counseling and treatment, family planning, treatment of urinary incontinence, minimally invasive procedures, major surgeries, and counseling for adolescents, PMS, menopause, hormone replacement therapy, as well as much more. Physicians at this practice strive to become a partner in health with their patients, from well-woman checkups to pregnancy care.

For patients who want to receive care from the birth center, they can join the program at any time during the first trimester, up to 16 weeks of pregnancy. Once a month, visits continue until the second trimester in week 28, where visits move to every 2 weeks. From week 36 through delivery, patients go in for weekly appointments. A postpartum visit is conducted around 6 weeks postpartum to ensure mom and baby are doing well. 

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Patients at Oakleaf Birth Center receive concierge-level care all throughout the pregnancy. Giving birth at a birth center like Oakleaf has many advantages. Above all, mothers can enjoy giving birth in a relaxed, home-like setting versus a sterile, cold hospital setting. Birth centers are family-focused, with a care model that includes the entire family’s unique needs and desires. Oakleaf values natural childbirth, with less need for medical intervention during labor. Research shows that women who give birth in a birth center have significantly lower rates of assisted delivery or cesarean delivery than if they gave birth at a traditional hospital. 

Oakleaf Birth Center features physicians who attend to women’s medical needs. Both in appointments and from the comfort of a patient’s home through a personal, online patient portal. Additionally, the online system allows patients to:

  • Track pregnancy milestones
  • Find educational materials
  • Manage pregnancy symptoms without needing a trip to the doctor
  • Access a personal care coordinator for advice
  • Get important reminders for appointments
  • Check in to appointments
  • Message care providers
  • Enjoy quick, easy access to healthcare providers and their team

The convenience of this online system is a big perk of receiving care at Oakleaf Birth Center. 

Oakleaf Birth Center

Oakleaf Birth Center in Eau Claire offers many services to families in the area as they prepare to welcome a new baby into the world. From routine checkups to state-of-the-art facilities for labor and delivery to a convenient online patient portal where women can access a variety of services and features, Oakleaf Birth Center in Eau Claire is an excellent place to prepare for your new baby’s arrival. 

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