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An infant boy in a white knit overalls onesie sits in a wooden crib in a studio after meeting with Mama Bear Lactation Care

All families should feel supported when they welcome a new baby into the world. At Mama Bear Lactation Care in Eau Claire, families can feel safe and empowered to make the best decisions when it comes to raising their little ones, especially when it comes to infant feeding. From prenatal classes to lactation support and care, families can feel supported and cared for as they navigate how to take care of their new baby. 

About Mama Bear Lactation Care

1813 Brackett Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54701

Team Mama Bear Lactation Care strives to empower parents to confidently feed and care for their little ones. The team believes that every baby is special and unique – and so are moms! One-size-fits-all doesn’t work when it comes to parenting, and parents deserve to be heard and respected, regardless of their values, background, and goals.

Run by Jennifer Hafele, infant feeding expert and family advocate, Team Mama Bear aims to help families care for their young ones. As Jennifer grew into her own role as a mother, the importance of breastfeeding became prominent in her life, and she wanted to help other moms succeed at breastfeeding as well. She is passionate about caring for and supporting families of all backgrounds. 

A new mother in a white dress laughs with her infant son in her arms while sitting in a studio


Team Mama Bear Lactation Care specializes in lactation services for families. At Team Mama Bear, it’s okay to ask questions and embrace the complexity of infant feeding. From feeling “touched out” to breastfeeding twins to increasing milk supply, there are many issues that can arise during a mother’s breastfeeding journey.

Just because breastfeeding is a natural process doesn’t make it an easy one! Team Mama Bear aims to provide services that include prenatal breastfeeding planning and education, help with positioning and latch, addressing poor weight gain, treating low milk supply or oversupply, alleviating sore nipples or plugged ducts, addressing mastitis, working through bottle refusal, establishing bottle feeding, including formula feeding, lessening the pressure around breastfeeding, assisting with twin care, helping with weaning and starting solids, addressing oral restrictions (tongue and lip ties), and much more.

Lactation consultants listen, educate, and support, helping families accomplish their goals when it comes to infant feeding. 

An infant boy smiles with arms open while laying on a blanket on a studio floor in a knit onesie after meeting Mama Bear Lactation Care


In addition to lactation care, Team Mama Bear also provides childbirth preparation classes, which are live and interactive. With small class sizes and evidence-based information, new parents can learn all about what to expect during pregnancy, delivery, and beyond. Topics include pregnancy nutrition, exercise, relaxation techniques, stages of labor, labor positions, complications, postpartum care, infant feeding, breastfeeding, and newborn care.

Mama Bear partners with many outside providers who can support families, including pediatricians, midwives, OBGYN physicians, speech-language pathologists, pediatric dentists, doulas, mental health providers, nutritionists, chiropractors, and more. Mama Bear Family Care partners with a range of professionals throughout western Wisconsin, arranging referrals and consultations for patients. 

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Mama Bear Lactation Care in Wisconsin provides a variety of services to support new families. From prenatal classes to lactation counseling and support, the team at Mama Bear provides high-quality services that are evidence-based and empowering for all families. Whether you’re concerned about a tongue tie, trying to build a freezer stash of breast milk, or transitioning to bottle feeding when you return to work, Mama Bear practitioners are ready to support your unique needs when it comes to infant feeding and lactation. 

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