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Women should feel empowered and supported throughout their pregnancy and delivery. At Beautiful Birth Doula in Eau Claire, WI, families are provided physical and emotional support as they prepare for the arrival of their little ones. Doulas provides evidence-based information and guidance for families to prepare for labor and delivery naturally. With the support of a doula, many women forgo medications during labor and less stressful birthing experiences. 

About Beautiful Birth Doula

Marisa Kleven owns and operates Beautiful Birth Doula. She has cared for women and children since 2017 in Eau Claire, WI. As a trained doula, she can provide women support with births at home, at birthing centers, and in hospitals. She believes in educating families and allowing them the opportunity to make informed healthcare decisions. Her goal is to support women and children through positive and encouraging birthing experiences. 

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Doulas support both mother and partner as they prepare for childbirth. Services at Beautiful Birth Doula include birth and postpartum care. The birth doula care includes two prenatal visits, on-call from week 38, care during labor and delivery, and postpartum care. She supports partners with pain management and breathing techniques to guide moms through birth. Once you take home your newborn, it can be overwhelming. Reduce your stress with the support of a postpartum doula. Get one-on-one support in your home with overnight newborn and sleep care. Marisa helps families as they transition to life at home with a newborn and can provide care for older children.

A newborn baby smiles in her sleep on a lace blanket in a knit onesie thanks to Beautiful Birth Doula


At Beautiful Birth Doula, you will receive Christian-centered birth and postpartum care. Marisa strives to create a positive space to welcome your newborn into the world. Studies have shown that doula support can reduce the need for medical interventions, cesarean sections, and medications. Marisa is there to support your family with any decision you make in regard to the use of pain management medications. She believes women should feel empowered and encouraged to make their own decisions during pregnancy and childbirth. Her doula service spaces are limited per month; inquire now to check for availability of your birth month. 

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Ready to meet Marisa at Beautiful Birth Doula and prepare for the arrival of your new baby? Contact her directly on the website for a complimentary consultation. Marisa is centered in Eau Claire, but families outside the area can inquire with her for possible availability. Find reviews on her site or social media outlets for first-hand experiences from other moms. 

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