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Finding a good medical practice to receive care from is essential to every person’s health journey. At HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, patients can receive several services and amenities to help them stay healthy throughout their lives. From cancer screening to women’s health services to prenatal care to weight management, HSHS in Eau Claire provides high-quality health care through a team of healthcare professionals who work collaboratively to offer patients the best possible care. 

About HSHS Eau Claire

900 West Clairemont Ave

Eau Claire, WI 54701

HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire maintains an affiliation with OakLeaf Medical Network, which provides care in small, personalized settings throughout northwestern Wisconsin. At Sacred Heart Hospital, nothing is more important and personal than a patient’s health. 

Patients at HSHS can experience a place where healthcare professionals focus on treating bodies, minds, and spirits. People can enjoy care in an environment where medicine is full of innovative technologies, and healthcare workers function as a team to provide excellent treatments. Medical professionals are also compassionate and fully invested in patients as human beings. Hence, this is a great place to receive personalized, patient-focused care. 

A mother to be stands barefoot in a studio in front of a large window holding her bump in a brown maternity dress HSHS Eau Claire


HSHS is committed to providing the best health care possible through treating patients with dignity and respect, facilitating interactions between medical teams and families, and helping families participate in care. Advanced technology also allows patients to find valuable healthcare information online and access resources right from the comfort of their own homes.

This practice provides patient-centered, comprehensive, and accessible health care. Services include a comprehensive approach to all health needs, from screenings and diagnosis to treatment and follow-up services. Furthermore, the team supports patients in every step of the process, whether they need additional imaging and screening or surgery.

Services include:

  • cancer care, emergency care, heart care, in-patient palliative care, respiratory care,
  • behavioral health, digestive health, home health,
  • imaging, laboratory services,
  • a weight loss clinic,
  • neuroscience, orthopedics, pediatrics,
  • rehabilitation,
  • robotic surgery,
  • stroke center,
  • surgery,
  • urgent care,
  • urology, and women’s health services. 

A mom to be holds and leans onto the arm of her husband while holding her bump in a green floral dress


HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital offers patients a variety of classes and support groups for all ages. From childbirth classes to stroke survivors’ support groups to community events, HSHS is available to support all patients’ needs. Additionally, in-person and virtual options for classes are available for patients having a baby. Support groups are currently not meeting in person, only virtually.

HSHS has a history of excellence in women’s health services, prepared to address all women’s healthcare needs, from obstetrics to prenatal care, to neonatal support, and more. The team is passionate about treating and caring for women and newborns, with years of experience helping women manage their health in fundamental ways. HSHS also offers screening and diagnostic imaging through digital mammography to ensure proper breast health.

This practice also features a Maternity onto Motherhood (MOM) Program, which helps parents find trusted resources, support, and other available services to patients near their homes.

A mother to bee in a white maternity gown stands in a studio while her husband whispers in her ear from behind HSHS Eau Claire

HSHS Eau Claire

In conclusion, HSHS in Eau Claire provides patient-focused, personalized healthcare services to families in the area. Services include cancer care, prenatal care, women’s healthcare, support groups, community events, urgent care, and surgeries. Medical care is provided using the latest medical technology, and patients are sure to receive the best possible care through the skilled team of physicians and healthcare professionals at this practice. 

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