Eau Claire Chiropractors Who Provide Spectacular Services for All!

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Chiropractic care is beneficial to people’s lives and improves health outcomes through increasing mobility, decreasing pain, and releasing tension. These three chiropractors in the Eau Claire area provide top-notch services to patients of all ages, allowing everyone to experience the amazing benefits of chiropractic care. 

Three Eau Claire Chiropractors For All Ages Of Aches And Pains

Eau Claire Chiropractic

4606 Commerce Valley Road

Suite 209 

Eau Claire, WI 54701

Eau Claire Chiropractic was founded by Chris Hougen and has been serving the Chippewa Valley area since 1982. The team of doctors includes Dr. Chris Hougen, Dr. Chad Skogstad, and Dr. Hayden Hougen. Above all, they all commit themselves to improving the quality of life of their patients through spinal balance, nutrition, and exercise. 

Eau Claire Chiropractor’s services include the Thompson Technique. This is an accurate and gentle way to straighten the back. Other services include physiotherapy, interferential current, exercise therapy, nutrition counseling, and help with vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The practice also treats conditions like neck pain, headaches, migraines, back pain, arm pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, numbness, and tingling. 

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Stucky Chiropractic Center

2105 E. Clairemont Ave

Eau Claire, WI 54701

Stucky Chiropractic Center aims to educate as many people as possible on the life and health-enhancing benefits of chiropractic care. Chiropractors seek to improve the world by having a positive influence on individuals and serving families in Eau Claire as well as the surrounding areas. Additionally, Stucky Chiropractic Center has been voted Best Chiropractor in the Chippewa Valley, praised for its full-body approach to health and wellness. Chiropractors alleviate back pain, neck pain, pain from sports injuries or car accidents, and much more. 

Patient health is at the forefront of Stucky Chiropractic Center. Chiropractors combine skills and experience that span the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum, and each one commits to providing better health and a better way of life for their clients. This office also offers chiropractic care for kids, helping them have fewer ear infections, less asthma, fewer allergies, and fewer doctor visits. 

The office provides chiropractic adjustment, the Graston technique, lower-level laser therapy, orthotics, physiotherapy, spinal decompression, as well as spinal rejuvenation therapy. 

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Active Health

3521 London Road

Suite A

Eau Claire, WI 54701

Run by doctors John and Judy Soborowicz, a husband and wife chiropractic team, Active Health provides safe and effective chiropractic care to the Eau Claire community. Chiropractic care is a non-surgical, medication-free way of improving brain-body communication to allow full expression of wellness. 

The Active Health approach is to observe changes in movement and apply adjustments to restore nerve communication and movement. John and Judy use a chiropractic analysis method to focus on optimizing the efficiency of breathing and movement. 

Active Health serves infants, children, adults, and geriatric patients. So you can visit them at any age! Long-term maintenance of brain health and brain development depends on movement. Gentle adjustments are done to release restrictions and restore mobility, benefiting patients’ lives in amazing ways. 

Eau Claire Chiropractors

These three chiropractors in Eau Claire provide spectacular services to patients of all ages, from infancy through old age. Chiropractic care has many benefits, including reduced pain, reduced headaches, better posture, better breathing, and better spinal health. These chiropractors work hard to help their patients feel their best throughout their entire lives. 

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