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Finding the proper care for you and your family can be daunting. Especially when there are so many options. At Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, WI, there are so many services that you can use all in one spot. What is better than being able to take care of all your doctor’s visits at one time in one place? As a busy mom, I know that sounds like a pure dream, so be sure to check them out today. 

About Sacred Heart Hospital Eau Claire WI

Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, WI, has many services available to help you at every stage in your life. They believe nothing is more important and personal than your health. They want you to feel like you have chosen a provider focused on helping you heal physically and emotionally. Additionally, they want to create an environment where the most advanced technology and medicine combined with expert and knowledgeable staff come together to provide you the best of the best treatment and services available. 

You and your family will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect at this hospital. They will help coordinate your services and help you navigate all the services you need for you and your family. They want you to be the most prominent coordinator of your care and are here to help and support you to accomplish this. No matter what you need, Sacred Heart Hospital is here to help you every step of the way. 

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Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, WI, offers an entire wing dedicated to women’s health. They are prepared to address your women’s care needs with obstetrics, prenatal and neonatal support, and much more. Their team is devoted to treating and caring for women and newborns, with years of experience helping women manage and maintain their health and overall well-being. At Sacred Heart, they believe that pregnancy is an incredible journey, and the birth of your baby is life-changing and highly personal, so your care should reflect that. 

When you give birth, you will receive expert care from trained nurses, midwives, and doctors who want to support your needs throughout your entire birth process. They want to make your birth and delivery a one-of-a-kind experience centered all around you and your family. 

Sacred Heart is the only baby-friendly hospital in Chippewa Valley. It is nationally certified by the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative. So you know that you will receive care from the best of the best. They use all state-of-the-art care. So you will be covered by the experts no matter what happens. 

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At Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, WI, you will have a suite where you will labor, deliver, and recover, all in the same room. So even your family can feel comfortable and relaxed. The nurses have gone through advanced training and experience. They will teach you how to care for your baby, so you will never feel alone and always receive support whenever you need it most. Many moms who have delivered here have stated that it feels like home. 

The birthing suite has a spa-like atmosphere with calming blues and greens. There is a birthing tub in the rooms, so you can use it to ease comfort or even give birth. You decide what you want, how you want it, and when you want it. Sacred Heart wants the birthing process and experience to be all about you, your family, and your new little one. 

They also offer different classes and support groups, including infant massage classes, breastfeeding classes, and breastfeeding support groups. The support groups are open to all moms who want to share experiences and learn from moms just like you. At Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, WI, they really are so much more than just a hospital. They are fully inclusive care no matter what you need. 

Sacred Heart Hospital Eau Claire, WI

From spa-like birthing suites to expert care with the newest technology to support groups and free classes, Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, WI  has it all! You can easily give them a call at 715-717-4156 to schedule your private tour of the facility today! 

Now that you found the perfect hospital to welcome your little one, it is time to find your maternity and newborn photographer! I love nothing more than capturing the joy a new tiny family member brings. So check out the blog links below for more work from my portfolio, alongside other helpful tips for Eau Clair moms. But before you go, be sure to reach out and chat about your dream photo session!

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