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Finding a medical center you can trust with your and your family’s health is a daunting task requiring research and time. Let me make it a bit easier on you and tell you about Prevea Health Eau Claire!

About Prevea Eau Claire

As a patient-centered health center founded in Green Bay in 1996, Prevea Eau Claire puts innovation and compassion at its core. The name “Prevea” combines the words prevention and panacea. Meaning a remedy for all diseases. In honor of their namesake, they believe they are the best place to receive care and give care. Which is what their founders envisioned when formulating the company. It’s their mission to take care of people with passion, pride, and respect. Prevea is dedicated to treating illnesses, preventing illnesses, and providing people with the resources they need to become strong advocates for their health. 

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Prevea Health Eau Claire offers various services that the average family definitely benefits from. With its Eau Claire location at 617 W. Clairemont Ave., Prevea provides family medicine, lab and pathology services, orthopedics, primary care, and x-ray services. Their primary care specialists include physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, all with the ability to take care of your medical and your family’s needs throughout your entire life span. From a cough or cold to something more severe, Prevea promises you can trust them to be your go-to provider and your partner in managing your care. 

Prevea also provides gynecology, pediatrics, urgent care, and comprehensive specialty care services. They also give clients access to various client resources, such as chronic care management services, insurance, financial assistance, direct therapy access, virtual care, and 24/7 care for kids. Their care for kids 24/7 program makes it easier for moms, dads, or caregivers to really help their child feel better as soon as possible! You can call the nurse line anytime, 24/7, or schedule an appointment 24/7 with same-day weekday appointments.

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Prevea Health is not just an Eau Claire medical center. They also host events, classes, and support groups. A few of their hosted events, groups, and courses include a prediabetes class, a right-eating workshop, Crohn’s and colitis support group, patient advisory council meetings, and more. Above all, these programs strive to provide resources to all people! They also offer school partnerships in case a team, school, or organization has a unique sports medicine need. These partnerships allow Prevea to help you design a customized prevention or performance program for athletes or coaches. They focus on helping maximize performance, energy, enthusiasm, and team safety. With licensed athletic trainers and strength and conditioning coaches, Prevea’s team is specially trained and experienced in preventing, recognizing, and managing the rehabilitation of sports injuries.

Prevea Health also focuses on creating a healthy workplace. They offer corporate health and wellness programs to ensure employees care for themselves and their clients. Prevea Health also offers this to other Eau Claire companies. This program provides personalized solutions that generate positive, healthy results for your business and your employees. Through Prevea’s corporate health and wellness program, they provide custom and effective solutions to deliver happier employees. This means fewer sick days, increased productivity, lower healthcare costs, and a significant cost savings for your business. Prevea can help create a healthy workforce and workplace by connecting you to occupational health and safety programs, executive wellness physical programs, clinical offerings for your bottom line, and healthy lifestyle wellness. 

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Community Engagement

Prevea Health is also an official health partner of various community marathon events and sponsors several training opportunities for participants! Prevea also offers training guides for full marathons, half marathons, and a 5K training program. In addition, medical support consists of marathon medical support staff, marathon weekend medical support, and running video analysis. As for the Eau Claire marathon, they provide a full marathon training schedule, a half marathon training schedule, and a 5K training program.

Prevea Eau Claire

Prevea Health Eau Claire Medical Center is not just a medical center. They are a well-operated company that genuinely has wellness for all as its goal. Through offering their extensive care services, variety of programs, and an entire staff of physicians, specialists, and more, they can easily be said to be one of the best in the area! 

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