Look and Feel Your Best With Botox in Eau Claire, WI!

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Botox treatments can be a great way to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles as people age. These four medical spas for botox in Eau Claire offer spectacular treatments and services in comfortable, empowering settings. Professional staff administers Botox treatments in safe, effective ways, helping clients look and feel their best at any age. 

Look and Feel Your Best At These Four Botox Spas in Eau Claire

Enza Medical Spa

3221 Stein Blvd #2

Eau Claire, WI 54701

Enza Medispa in Eau Claire is run by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ember Ewings. Above all, this spa prides itself on helping people achieve beautiful, healthy skin using the latest in medical technology. Only the highest quality ingredients in skincare are used, with amazing results. From the initial consultation to maintenance and follow-up care, Enza Medical Spa will help guide every client through their skincare plan. So that they ensure it suits their specific needs. 

Ezna Medical Spa offers three amazing membership options. The VIP membership and signature membership include Botox treatments, perfect for helping clients look and feel their best. The spa also offers a variety of other services, including facials, chemical peels, laser treatments, and microdermabrasion. 

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Eau Claire Bodycare

2186 Eastridge Center

Eau Claire, WI 54701

Eau Claire Bodycare is a medical spa that services Eau Claire and the surrounding areas with professional medical personnel and licensed beauty specialists. Licensed professionals work together to offer exceptional results to clients, enhancing their appearance, confidence, and overall feelings of wellness. 

This spa offers Botox, fillers, hydra facials, permanent cosmetics, and much more. Staff are caring, timely, and effective, allowing clients to maximize their time and results. The team includes RNs, cosmetologists, estheticians, laser technicians, and concierge specialists. Botox treatments are safe and effective and give long-lasting results with minimal discomfort.

The Sakura Clinic

6045 Sandstone Road

Eau Claire, WI 54701

Established in 2013, The Sakura Clinic offers a wide variety of cosmetic, medical-grade treatments and services administered by highly educated and trained registered nurses. The cosmetic industry has changed over the past decade, and clients at The Sakura Clinic can experience only the latest and greatest products and treatments. 

All providers are Platinum Level with Allergan, meaning they are in the top 9% of all Botox/Juvederm providers in the country. The team works continuously to gain extra training and education in the latest techniques and procedures. Customer safety and results are the ultimate priorities. The team is passionate about what they do, providing clients with amazing procedures in a comfortable, safe, respectful setting. 

A mother to be in a whiitie lace dress sits on the edge o a bed holding her bump Botox Eau Claire

Denovo Medspa

745 Kenney Avenue

Eau Claire, WI 54701

Denovo Medspa believes in partnering with clients to develop a skin strategy for every stage of their lives, educating them about their options so they feel empowered to make the best decisions for their skin. The spa offers facials, injections, and hair removal treatments. 

The spa offers Botox treatments, which consist of purified proteins that relax the muscles as well as smooths unwanted facial lines and wrinkles. In addition, botox can be used to raise or sculpt brow shape, turn up the tip of the nose or the corners of the mouth, resolve a gummy smile, and achieve facial contouring. Treatments involve several tiny, well-placed injections in the problem areas using a fine needle. Typically, clients receive three or four treatments per year to maintain optimal results and youthful skin. 

Botox Eau Claire

Botox treatments help people look their best at any age, eliminating fine lines and wrinkles that plague the skin as we age. These four medical spas with Botox in Eau Claire offer a variety of skin care treatments, including Botox injections. All injections are administered safely, with minimal discomfort, allowing clients to achieve amazing results. 

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