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As a parent, we want our children to have a fun and fulfilling childhood. But we also want them to have a great headstart on their education to set them up for future success. You can end up feeling torn between the two, which one to focus on more and if they are getting enough. As a mom of many, I’m all too familiar with this song and dance. I also know you’re likely a fantastic mom, doing everything you can for your child. No need to worry or go down that parent guilt rabbit hole because these kids can truly have it all! This is where Imagination Station in Eau Claire comes into play!

Thankfully, research has shown that kids learn THROUGH play! That means the toys you pick can impact their imagination and creativity, build emotional, physical, and even social developmental skills, and even impact their math and early reading skills. You might think that means toys that are a little boring that kids just don’t want to play with, or maybe something that’s online and requires lots of screen time. However, it actually means a trip or Imagination Station in Eau Claire! A place making learning fun, and often, no batteries or plugs needed, just their growing imagination!

About Imagination Station In Eau Claire

This woman-owned business was founded in 2004 by Michele and Jeni, who love making play and education a compatible duo. While Imagination Station is a small local store, they have a big heart that understands kids learn best when having fun. Since day one, they devoted themselves to finding quality and enriching toys, games, books, and educational aids that teachers, parents, and kids would approve of. After all, if a kid can’t enjoy it, it defeats the purpose of learning through play. They carefully select each product to encourage the imagination, build skill sets, spark creativity and offer the ability to enrich their education. All while smiling and playing. Imagination station originally started in a small Barstow, Downtown Eau Claire store.

With the support of their loyal customers and the community, in 2006 their small store was able to grow to a whole new location in the Oakwood Mall, located at 4800 Gulf Road #43 Eau WI. Their store is full of adventure, fun, and excitement for learning at every step you take. Children of all ages, even those that are only kids at heart, love stepping into their colorful and engaging store. This place lives for discovering new toys, games, books, and more that align with their interests. They especially love the famous Play Lab!

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Imagination Station proudly displays its carefully selected but large variety of educational toys, art materials to inspire creativity, and heirloom-quality toys. Toys that get passed on for generations. In addition, they stock books to keep your child entertained and ready for adventure. But of course, lots of options for unique gifts you won’t find at your usual big-box stores. Imagination Station carries the largest selection of bath toys, puppets, puzzles, Schleich figures, science materials, Melissa & Doug toys (who doesn’t love them!), and Playmobil in the Eau Claire area. Have more than one child and like to be involved in play and learning opportunities? You will love their fun selection of games that promote family interaction while providing learning moments and lots of fun. If you’re a school educator or taking on homeschooling, they have a great selection of learning aids and classroom decor.

At Imagination Station, you will find quality toys and gifts for children at their brick-and-mortar store in Eau Claire, WI. Recently, the shop started an online store to reach more kids and families looking for that perfect toy. Toys they carry include a variety of categories, including pretend, construction, active, and sensory play. Learning and education games are available along with the board games to make your Family Game Nights a blast. Cuddle up with a new book and plush item for those winter days inside. Try out a new activity with their arts and crafts kits. You will be amazed each time you shop at their toy selection. 


The open-style “Play Lab!” located inside their store is hands down a child favorite! Children love interacting with others and making friends without sticking to a shopping cart, which makes your shopping experience way easier. As a parent and/or educator, you can also get some great ideas from this area! Discover what toys they enjoyed most and stock up for your home, the classroom, or even just for future gifts or birthday parties your kids tell you about the day before. 

Are you looking for the perfect gift and don’t know where to start? Call the store for personalized gift-giving advice from their experienced staff. They can also search their store for items not listed on their website. If you happen to be in Eau Claire, WI, swing by Imagination Station to see their toys and teaching supplies selections. The shop has a dedicated section for teachers, including educational games, posters, bulletin board materials, and more. Follow them on social media for special events throughout the year. Their Annual Kids Day includes crafts, treats, activities, and special guests! Sign up for their newsletter for the latest sales, promotions, and gift-giving ideas. 

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Imagination Station Eau Claire

Finding quality toys, games, and more that support your child’s education while keeping them engaged doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether looking for a unique gift, creating memories with your grandchildren, nephews, and nieces, or just looking for ways to enrich your child’s education, Imagination Station in Eau Claire has everything you need. Their fantastic selection of products and spectacular customer service will make your hunt for the perfect item as easy as 1-2-3! 

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